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101 (Medical):twin of Julius Erastus Davis, Helen Maria (I2323)
102 (Medical):twin of Nathaniel Scofield, Elizabeth (I1126)
103 (Medical):twin of Richard Hesse-Cassel, HH Prince Christoph Ernst August (I1701)
104 (Medical):twin of Wolfgang Hesse-Cassel, HH Prince Philipp (I3985)
105 (Medical):twin to Epenetus Scofield, Silvanus (I2085)
106 (Medical):twin to Silvanus Scofield, Epenetus (I3096)
107 (Medical):wounded at Somme in September fo 1916 Bentinck, Major Henry Duncan (I19722)
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Nassau, Grand Duke Henri Albert GabrićIl Felix Marie Guillaume (I2611)
109 *********

Svein I, Haraldsson Forkbeard (1014 AD) After deposing his father, Harald Gormsson, Blue-Tooth, from the throne, Svein became king of Denmark in 985. From 994, on, he made a career out of attacking England and received the notorious Danegeld paid by ^thelred II. In 1013, Svein returned to England, not for more Danegeld, but with the idea of capturing the throne. On this expedition, he took with him, his son, Knut Sveinsson, who would later rule England as Canute I. The thought of engaging Svein and his son, Knut, in battle apparently did not thrill ^thelred, and caused him to vacate his throne in favor of a safe haven in Normandy. The vacant throne was seized by Svein, who held it for a mere five weeks. He died in February, 1014.

Haraldsson, King Sweyn (I539)
110 *Wendall was born in the old farmhouse in Hale, on the corner of Putnam and Esmond Rd (currently Ira Scofield's property). The old farmhouse burned down in 1931. At age 6 the family moved to Birminghambut moved back to Hale when Wendall was 12.

*Wendall grew up farming with Thurman, his father. He also learned carpentry work from his father.

*In 1937 Wendall, Ira and Stan Bilbe took Stan's car, a Model A, on a road trip out West. Thurman told Wendall and Ira if they cleared and planted a field they could have the profits from the crop. They planted beans in the field. Ira also had some turkeys that they sold.

*First they went to Detroit to see their sister Ida at their Aunt Ida's at 1434 Germaine Dr. Aunt Ida told them to buy insurance. Fortunately they did because they had only gone a little way down the street when they were hit by another car on the corner of Finkle and Livernois. Fortunately they were able to go down the street and simply buy another Model A.

*On the way down to Louisana the boys stopped in Kentucky and went to a bar. Ira didn't go in but Wendall and Stan did, Stan played the guitar. Wendall and Stan were having fun with the local girls and having a good time. The local boys tried to sell Wendall some BonBon Whiskey but suddenly disappeared when Revenue Agents appeared at the door of the bar.

*Next they went to Louisana to visit Aunt Katie and Uncle. From there they went to McAllen,Texas, near the Mexican border to visit. Then to Oklahoma to Uncle Wilder's. When they arrived he was slaughtering a pig so the boys figured they could stay a while because there was food. Finally they headed back home. The trip took 2 and half months and it cost about $40 each.

*In about 1940 Wendall went to Detroit to work for Minnesota, Mining and Manufacturing. Willard Hodge managed the company and was a friend of Wendall's Aunt Ida. At the time he lived with his Aunt Ida and hated the city.

*On March 4, 1941 Wendall entered the service and was in for 4 years, 8 months and 15 days. First he was sent to Battle Creek, then to Camp Callin, California, then Fort Stevens, Oregon for the Coast Artillary. While in Oregon Wendall wanted to get a three day pass. He decided, with a buddy, to take an exam to get into the Air Force because everyone else had washed out but they still received a three day pass. However, he passed! Then Wendal was sent to Miami Beach but along theway his records were lost and so he spent three months in a hotel room while they looked for his records. Finally he was sent to Fort Stevens, Wisconsin to take flight training. Then to Santa Ana, California to get classified as navigator. However, he washed out by choice because he knew it was coming anyway because he was deaf in his left ear. Then Wendall was sent to Denver, Colorado to get classified as a bombardier. Then sent to San Diego, California and finally settled in Hawaii and was put in charge of automotive issue.

*After he came back from the service, in about 1945, Wendall owned a restaurant in Hale for a year. He also did odd jobs with Norman VanWormer. He also helped to build the Masonic Temple in Hale.

*Wendall met Violet at a get-together at Edna Grieves. He said it was love at first sight. He first saw her walking home from school while working on the Masonic Temple and told another man he was working with that he was going to marry that girl. Violet also worked at Wendall's restaurant and Wendall likes to joke that Violet had no shoes or food so he fed her at the restaurant and gave her money for shoes. Then winter was coming and she lived in a little mobile home so Wendall decided to take her home. They married November 8, 1947.

*After their marriage they lived in the old farmhouse with Thurman and Adeline, then after Ira moved out of the small house they moved in. Paul Dunstead currently owns the little house, it was sold and moved off the property. Gail was born in the little house. Soon after marriage Wendall borrowed money from Carl Adams to build a house and farmed 260 acres. Wendall had the other house built on Esmond Rd, a quarter of a mile down from the property where he was born. Wendall, Violet, Michael and Gail lived there from 1959 til about 1966.

*In 1966 the family lived out at Loon Lake for a year while the house on AuSable Lake was being built. In 1967 they finally moved out to AuSable and have lived there ever since. Wendall worked with Berk Bernard and Earl Slosher to build cabins. Sometimes he worked alone. He bought property out at AuSable and built most of the cabins around the canal.

When enlisted in the army it was in the Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers and he was given the grade of Private. At the time of enlistment he was 71" tall and 147 lbs (U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946). 
Scofield, Wendall Thomas (I281)
111 --Addie helped to found the Methodist Church in Hale with Reverend DeFoe.

--Addie, Boyle and Black started the Hale Fair. 
Waite, Adeline Armintha (I274)
112 --Grandpa Waite lived in Louisana with Aunt Katie (Addie's sister) in his old age.

According to the 1900 Census both of Alfred's parents were born in New York (Place: Milan, Monroe, Michigan; Roll: T623 733; Page: 21A; Enumeration district:75). 
Waite, Alfred (I275)
113 016 Harrison Thayer, Frederick Sr (I410)
114 016 Harrison Mercer, Velma Viola (I411)
115 1 Bloomsbury Square WC Moore, Edward William Cox (I43166)
116 1 Buckingham Palace Gardens, SW Fitzalan-Howard, Viscount Edmund Bernard (I20599)
117 1 Carlton House Terrace Curzon, Earl George Nathaniel (I44624)
118 1 Courtney Terrace Beauclerk, Diana Lily de Vere (I19123)
119 1 Courtney Terrace Beauclerk, Sybil Evelyn de Vere (I19122)
120 1 Courtney Terrace Beauclerk, Charles Edward de Vere (I19121)
121 1 Courtney Terrace James, Elizabeth Susan (I19118)
122 1 Courtney Terrace Beauclerk, William Arthur Stopford (I19115)
123 1 day McElmurry, Baby (I14275)
124 1 Egerton Gardens Hamilton, Maud Sarah (I9818)
125 1 Fern Villas Holden, Ethel (I15721)
126 1 Fern Villas Holden, Maud (I15720)
127 1 Fern Villas Holden, John William (I15719)
128 1 Fern Villas Holden, Herbert (I15718)
129 1 Fern Villas Holden, Arthur (I15714)
130 1 Fern Villas Holden, William (I15710)
131 1 Fern Villas Mercer, James Blashill (I15709)
132 1 Fern Villas Mercer, Sarah (I15707)
133 1 Fern Villas Fern St Hull Holden, Alice (I15722)
134 1 Fern Villas Fern St Hull Holden, Ethel (I15721)
135 1 Fern Villas Fern St Hull Holden, Maud (I15720)
136 1 Fern Villas Fern St Hull Holden, William (I15710)
137 1 Fern Villas Fern St Hull Mercer, Sarah (I15707)
138 1 Great Stanhope Street Montagu, Duke William Drogo (I20188)
139 1 Greet Street, Park Lane Fitzroy, Edward Algernon (I44502)
140 1 Hereford Gardens Malcolm, Angela (I44702)
141 1 Hereford Gardens Malcolm, Dougal Orme (I44701)
142 1 Hereford Gardens Malcolm, Ronald (I44700)
143 1 Hereford Gardens Malcolm, William Rolle (I44699)
144 1 Hyde Park Beckett, Captain William Gervase (I43397)
145 1 Hyde Park Street Arnold, Ada C. M. (I43866)
146 1 Hyde Park Street Arnold, Arthur S. (I43865)
147 1 Hyde Park Street Cholmondeley, Marcia Susan Harriet (I21758)
148 1 Hyde Park Street Cholmondeley, Charlotte Georgiana (I21757)
149 1 Hyde Park Street Cholmondeley, Marquess William Henry Hugh (I20574)
150 1 Jarrat St Holden, Alice (I15722)

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