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51 (Medical):died in infancy Ferris, Donald (I10054)
52 (Medical):died in infancy Curtin, James A. (I10295)
53 (Medical):died in infancy DeArmond, William (I10306)
54 (Medical):died in infancy Merrill, Robert Snowden (I10458)
55 (Medical):Died in infancy. Holmes, John (I4628)
56 (Medical):died when he was 9 years old Hait, Pierpont Edwards (I4819)
57 (Medical):died when she was 8 months old Bird, Daughter (I2463)
58 (Medical):died young Scofield, Son (I2141)
59 (Medical):died young Scofield, Hannah (I2214)
60 (Medical):died young Ferris, Samantha (I9858)
61 (Medical):died young Studwell, Augustus (I9919)
62 (Medical):died young Ferris, Addie H. (I9959)
63 (Medical):died young Ferris, Unnamed (I10112)
64 (Medical):died young Ferris, Unnamed (I10113)
65 (Medical):died young Peck, Lorraine (I10128)
66 (Medical):died young Peck, Anderson Millington (I10130)
67 (Medical):died young Black, Faith (I10162)
68 (Medical):died young Ford, Peter (I10513)
69 (Medical):died young Hait, Benjamin (I4690)
70 (Medical):disease causing death: thrombosis of large vessels or vessel in heart
immediate cause of death: exhaustion and failure of heart
contributory causes of complications: childbirth 
Spohn, Harriet Electa Isabella (I717)
71 (Medical):he suffered from cancer for 2 years before succumbing to the disease. Fisher, Malcolm (I10777)
72 (Medical):In a private cemetary on the Daniel Gorham property. He was thought to be a personal friend of Daniel. Dickinson, Isaac (I3265)
73 (Medical):Margaret suffered from the fever for 4 days before succumbing to the disease. Leitch, Margaret (I10778)
74 (Medical):Mary Jane suffered from diabetes for four months before succumbing to the disease Fisher, Mary Jane (I10783)
75 (Medical):medium height with red beard (Scofield Survey, pg 55) Scofield, Henry (I4076)
76 (Medical):Only 18 years old when died Cromer, Son (I2468)
77 (Medical):Patient at a private hospital during the 1891 census possibly a lunatic asylum (Class: RG12; Piece: 2331; Folio 119; Page 25; GSU roll: 6097441). Howard, Edith Susan Louisa (I21507)
78 (Medical):See attached sources. Ready, John (I841)
79 (Medical):See attached sources. Scofield, Charles F. (I2334)
80 (Medical):See attached sources. Fitzroy, Viscount William Henry Alfred (I26123)
81 (Medical):See attached sources. Cavendish, Major John Spencer (I18740)
82 (Medical):See attached sources. Hamilton, Lord Arthur John (I9799)
83 (Medical):See attached sources. Karageorgevitch, HM King Alexander (I1483)
84 (Medical):See pg 368 #3072 in Hoyt Genealogy Hoyt, Elijah (I5466)
85 (Medical):she suffered from diabetes for over 2 years before her death Fisher, Margaret (I10779)
86 (Medical):she suffered from TB for 5 years before she succumbed to the disease McIlmurray, Marjory (I833)
87 (Medical):suffered from juvenile diabetes McElmurry, Gerald Thomas (I11239)
88 (Medical):There is a Revolutionary War marker on his grave. Scofield, Benjamin (I2023)
89 (Medical):Thomas had suffered from arteriosclerosis and hypertension for years (Vermont Death Records, 1909-2008). Beauclerk, Thomas Wentworth Sydney (I19116)
90 (Medical):Tradition says that he joined the American Revolution, contracted some disease and came home to die a short time later Hait, Jagger (I4806)
91 (Medical):twin Hesse-Cassel, HH Prince Wolfgang Moritz (I3986)
92 (Medical):twin Scofield, Stephen (I3071)
93 (Medical):Twin of Alexander Victor Frederick Villiers Russell, Honorable Victor Alexander Frederick Villiers (I32801)
94 (Medical):twin of Christoph Hesse-Cassel, HH Prince Richard Wilhelm Leopold (I3987)
95 (Medical):twin of Elizabeth Scofield, Nathaniel (I1127)
96 (Medical):twin of Ernest St. Maur, Lord Percy (I30984)
97 (Medical):Twin of Faith Joy Scofield, Hope Carol (I283)
98 (Medical):twin of Florence Douglas, Lord James (I44319)
99 (Medical):twin of Helen Maria Davis, Julius Erastus (I2322)
100 (Medical):twin of James Douglas, Lady Florence Caroline (I44320)

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