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King Friedrich Hohenzollern

Male 1657 - 1713

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Friedrich August Hohenzollern Male
Frederick Louis Hohenzollern Male
Princess Friederike Brandenburg-Bayreuth Female
Duke Karl Eugen Wurttemberg Male
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Princess Frederick Sophia Wilhelmina Hohenzollern Female
Margrave Friedrich Brandenburg-Bayreuth Male
Prince Frederick William Hohenzollern Male
King Frederick Hohenzollern Male
Princess Eleanore Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Princess Charlotte Albertine Hohenzollern Female
Prince Karl Brandenburg-Ansbach Male
Margrave Karl Alexander Brandenburg-Ansbach Male
Princess Friederike Karoline Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Female
Lady Elizabeth Berkeley Female
Princess Frederica Louise Hohenzollern Female
Margrave Karl Brandenburg-Ansbach Male
Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Augusta Hanover Female
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Prince George Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Sophie Caroline Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Margrave Friedrich Brandenburg-Bayreuth Male
Prince Christian Ludwig Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Anne Amalie Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Duke Ernst August Konstantin Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Male
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Prince Friedrich August Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Friederike Sophie Charlotte Auguste Wurttemberg Female
Prince Albrecht Heinrich Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Louise Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Prince Wilhelm Adolf Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Elizabeth Christine Ulrica Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
King Frederick William Hohenzollern Male
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Princess Friederike Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Princess Auguste Dorothea Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Prince Leopold Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Princess Philippine Charlotte Hohenzollern Female
Duke Charles Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Male
Prince Louis Charles William Hohenzollern Male
Unnamed Holstein-Gottorp Male
King Gustaf Holstein-Gottorp Male
Princess Sophia Magdalena Oldenburg Female
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King Carl Holstein-Gottorp Male
Princess Hedwige Holstein-Gottorp Female
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Prince Frederik Adolf Holstein-Gottorp Male
Princess Sophie Albertine Holstein-Gottorp Female
Princess Louise Ulrika Hohenzollern Female
King Adolphus Frederik Holstein-Gottorp Male
King Frederick William Hohenzollern Male
Princess Elizabeth Christine Ulrica Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
New chart
Princess Friederike Hesse-Darmstadt Female
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Prince Frederick Henry Charles Hohenzollern Male
George Charles Emil Hohenzollern Male
Princess Friederike Sofia Wilhelmine Hohenzollern Female
Prince Willem Batavus Orange-Nassau Male
New chart
Prince August William Hohenzollern Male
Princess Louise Amelia Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Female
Princess Anna Amelia Hohenzollern Female
Prince Frederick Henry Louis Hohenzollern Male
Princess Wilhelmina Hesse-Cassel Female
Princess Friederike Hohenzollern Female
Prince Friedrich Hohenzollern Male
Princess Luise Hohenzollern Female
Prince Antoni Henryk Radziwill Male
New chart
Prince Heinrich Hohenzollern Male
Prince Ludwig Ferdinand Hohenzollern Male
Prince Friedrich Hohenzollern Male
Prince August Hohenzollern Male
Prince Ferdinand Hohenzollern Male
Princess Louise Brandenburg-Schwedt Female
Princess Friederike Dorothea Brandenburg-Schwedt Female
Duke Friedrich Eugen Wurttemberg Male
New chart
Princess Louise Brandenburg-Schwedt Female
Prince Ferdinand Hohenzollern Male
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Prince Georg Philipp Brandenburg-Schwedt Male
Princess Philippine Charlotte Brandenburg-Schwedt Female
Landgrave Friedrich Hesse-Cassel Male
Prince Georg Philipp Wilhelm Brandenburg-Schwedt Male
Princess Sophia Dorothea Maria Hohenzollern Female
Margrave Friedrich Wilhelm Brandenburg-Schwedt Male
King Friedrich Wilhelm Hohenzollern Male
Princess Sophia Dorothea Hanover Female
New chart
King Friedrich Hohenzollern Male
Princess Elizabeth Henriette Hesse-Cassel Female
Louise Hohenzollern Female
Friedrich Hesse-Cassel Male
Duchess Sophie Charlotte Hanover Female
Duchess Sophie Louise Mecklenburg-Schwerin Female
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