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Tree: Scofield
Latitude: 44.3148443, Longitude: -85.6023643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abigail C.  25 Jun 1887Michigan I9326 Scofield  
2 Adaline  Oct 1849Michigan I10556 Scofield  
3 Anna  Feb 1867Michigan I12033 Scofield  
4 Ava  Abt 1880Michigan I15897 Scofield  
5 Clara B.  Aug 1876Michigan I4798 Scofield  
6 Cora  Abt 1857Michigan I7862 Scofield  
7 Dorothy D  Jan 1864Michigan I9548 Scofield  
8 Edith Tab  Jan 1852Michigan I9243 Scofield  
9 Edna M.  Abt 1890Michigan I15903 Scofield  
10 Ellen  Abt 1850Michigan I9444 Scofield  
11 Eva M   I7030 Scofield  
12 Freida  Abt 1885Michigan I13226 Scofield  
13 Harriet  Abt 1836Michigan I14908 Scofield  
14 Hazel   I15750 Scofield  
15 Helen Vanderlyn  Abt 1855Michigan I11525 Scofield  
16 Margaret A  Michigan I20305 Scofield  
17 Martha  Michigan I16215 Scofield  
18 Mary E  Abt 1885Michigan I5855 Scofield  
19 Minnie  Jan 1871Michigan I9535 Scofield  
20 Ola  Michigan I21041 Scofield  
21 Olive M.  Abt 1895Michigan I13296 Scofield  
22 Sophronia  Jan 1876Michigan I5457 Scofield  
23 Abbott, Marcia J   I9552 Scofield  
24 Alcock, Charles L.  Abt 1903Michigan I14557 Scofield  
25 Alcock, Elizabeth  Abt 1859Michigan I14548 Scofield  
26 Alcock, Helen C.  Abt 1907Michigan I14558 Scofield  
27 Allen, Alfred  Abt 1910Michigan I14425 Scofield  
28 Allen, Alven   I14427 Scofield  
29 Allen, Frank   I14430 Scofield  
30 Allen, George  Abt 1915Michigan I14426 Scofield  
31 Allen, Wilford  Abt 1914Michigan I14434 Scofield  
32 Allen, Willard   I14429 Scofield  
33 Allen, William  Abt 1918Michigan I14428 Scofield  
34 Anderson, Jessie B.  Abt 1865Michigan I17076 Scofield  
35 Archer, Anna E  Jul 1878Michigan I7027 Scofield  
36 Ash, Charlotte H  Abt 1858Michigan I8807 Scofield  
37 Ash, Edward  Abt 1873Michigan I8820 Scofield  
38 Ash, Frederick  Abt 1877Michigan I8821 Scofield  
39 Ash, James  Abt 1836Michigan I8805 Scofield  
40 Ash, Lella  Jun 1871Michigan I8811 Scofield  
41 Ash, Luther E  Abt 1863Michigan I8808 Scofield  
42 Asher, Estella  Sep 1882Michigan I13824 Scofield  
43 Bailey, Bertha L  Abt 1877Michigan I6426 Scofield  
44 Baker, Fern  Abt 1905Michigan I9070 Scofield  
45 Baker, Florence  Abt 1909Michigan I9115 Scofield  
46 Baker, Mildred E.  Abt 1919Michigan I14302 Scofield  
47 Baker, Otto  Michigan I14303 Scofield  
48 Ballagh, Eva Mae   I921 Scofield  
49 Ballagh, Gladys Evelyn   I927 Scofield  
50 Ballagh, Ralph Harold  27 Dec 1917Michigan I925 Scofield  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Townsend, Jason Pinkney  27 Jan 1894Michigan I6598 Scofield  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claralinda  Michigan I15819 Scofield  
2 Edith Tab  Abt 1861Michigan I9243 Scofield  
3 Nancy  Michigan I3752 Scofield  
4 Anderson, Jessie B.  22 Oct 1874Michigan I17076 Scofield  
5 Ash, James  Feb 1840Michigan I8805 Scofield  
6 Asher, Harry M.  Dec 1890Michigan I13827 Scofield  
7 Asher, William  Michigan I12947 Scofield  
8 Barber, Nellie L.  Michigan I9289 Scofield  
9 Boswell, Gert  Michigan I6405 Scofield  
10 Bradshaw, Harriet  Michigan I12948 Scofield  
11 Brown, Cecil Hugh  Abt 1906Michigan I15437 Scofield  
12 Brown, Robert George  Abt 1894Michigan I17077 Scofield  
13 Carr, Emma  Abt 1869Michigan I14998 Scofield  
14 Cataline, Sterling J.  25 Dec 1885Michigan I14353 Scofield  
15 Caven, Elizabeth  Michigan I16810 Scofield  
16 Cliff, Earl Willard  Abt 1901Michigan I15887 Scofield  
17 Cole, Jessie Lenora  Michigan I12660 Scofield  
18 Daley, James  Michigan I8523 Scofield  
19 David, John James  Michigan I10701 Scofield  
20 David, Lena Belle  20 Sep 1893Michigan I1009 Scofield  
21 DeLand, Bernice S  Abt 1894Michigan I127 Scofield  
22 DeLand, Henry M.  Michigan I14823 Scofield  
23 Doughty, Mary  Michigan I14992 Scofield  
24 Elenbaum, Leander  Aug 1879Michigan I13225 Scofield  
25 Elenbaum, Minerva  Abt 1878Michigan I12658 Scofield  
26 Falconer, John A  Michigan I16794 Scofield  
27 Fishburn, Jacob  Michigan I9773 Scofield  
28 Fletcher, Melissa J.  Mar 1840Michigan I9357 Scofield  
29 Ford, Sarah E.  Michigan I4099 Scofield  
30 Gee, Harry B  Abt 1897Michigan I10584 Scofield  
31 Graves, Ella M  Abt 1900Michigan I432 Scofield  
32 Grose, Mary Ann  Michigan I213 Scofield  
33 Hawkins, George Crawford  Michigan I9180 Scofield  
34 Hoyt, Margaret  Michigan I11434 Scofield  
35 Kennall, Emily  Abt 1857Michigan I10669 Scofield  
36 Koloski, Regina  Michigan I7039 Scofield  
37 Lamb, Corwin W.  Michigan I14276 Scofield  
38 Lamb, Edna Virginia  25 Dec 1893Michigan I13054 Scofield  
39 Lauer, George Adams  12 Jan 1885Michigan I14413 Scofield  
40 Lockwood, Adelia Sophia  24 May 1838Michigan I11469 Scofield  
41 Lodewyk, John  Michigan I16815 Scofield  
42 Lumby, Walter S.  Abt 1904Michigan I13340 Scofield  
43 McElmurry, Cora May  Nov 1880Michigan I12678 Scofield  
44 McElmurry, Emma Jane  Michigan I12661 Scofield  
45 McElmurry, Gladys Elmonia  13 May 1898Michigan I12710 Scofield  
46 McElmurry, Leslie Edgar  6 Dec 1868Michigan I12665 Scofield  
47 McElmurry, Leslie Edgar  Abt 1873Michigan I12665 Scofield  
48 McElmurry, Nelson Calvert  Jan 1879Michigan I12675 Scofield  
49 McElmurry, Vera Irene  26 Jan 1905Michigan I13473 Scofield  
50 McElmurry, William James  Michigan I12659 Scofield  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Richard  12 Aug 1914Michigan I9168 Scofield  
2 Boyer, Geneva F  1938Michigan I6518 Scofield  
3 Myers, Mary  Michigan I8521 Scofield  
4 Ricard, Ira Everett  1938Michigan I6517 Scofield  
5 Scofield, Wendall Thomas  1941Michigan I281 Scofield  
6 Terryberry, Mary Ann  1895Michigan I738 Scofield  


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Costigan / Mercer  23 Jul 1923Michigan F4652 Scofield  
2 Walter / Davidson  1 Feb 1919Michigan F2751 Scofield  
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