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Researching Rulers of Austria


Below is a list of all the rulers of Austria. Please feel free to let me know of any information I am missing or is incorrect. You can contact me at kcrossno at seekingallancestors.com.

House of Babenburg

Reigned Name / Notes
976-994 Leopold I (probably gson of Arnulf, Duke of Bavaria; margrave of Austria 975/976
994-1018 Henry I (son)
1018-1055 Adalbert (brother)
1055-1075 Ernest (son)
1075-1095 Leopold II, the Handsome (son)
1095-1136 St. Leopold III (son)
1136-1141 Leopold IV (son; Duke of Bavaria 1139)

Dukes of Austria

1141-1177 Henry II, Jasomirgott (brother; Bavaria 1143-56; Duke of Austria 1156)
1177-1194 Leopold V (son; Duke of Styria 1192)
1194-1198 Frederick I (son)
1198-1230 Leopold IV, the Glorious (brother; Styria 1194)
1230-1246 Frederick II, the Warlike (son; union of Austria and Styria w/ the empire 1246)

House of Habsburg

1276-1282 Rudolf I (Count of Habsburg as Rudolf IV; King of the Romans 1273-91; Duke of Austria & Styria 1276)
1282-1283 Rudolf II (son; abdicated, died 1290)
1282-1298 Albert I (brother; King of the Romans 1298-1308)
1298-1307 Rudolf III (son; King of Bohemia 1306)
1298-1326 Leopold I (brother)
1298-1330 Frederick III, the Handsome (brother; King of the Romans 1314)
1326-1358 Albert II, the Lame (brother; Duke of Carinthia 1335)
1330-1339 Otto (brother)
1358-1365 Rudolf IV, the Founder (son of Albert II; County of Tyrol 1363)

Albertine Line

1365-1395 Albert III (brother; received Austria by partition 1379)
1395-1404 Albert IV , the Patient (son)
1404-1439 Albert V (son; King of the Romans 1438)
1440-1457 Ladislas Posthumus (son; King of Hungary 1445; union w/ Styria 1458)

Leopoldine Line

1365-1386 Leopold III (son of Albert II; Tyrol, Styria & Carinthia 1379)
1386-1406 William (son)
1386-1411 Leopold IV, the Fat (brother)

Line of Tyrol

1406-1439 Frederick IV (brother; received Tyrol by parttion 1411)
1439-1490 Sigismund (son; Archduke 1477; abdicated, died 1496; union w/ Styria)

Line of Styria

1406-1424 Ernest the Iron (son of Leopold III; Styria & Carinthia 1411)
1424-1463 Albert VI (son; Archduke 1453)
1424-1493 Frederick V (brother; King of the Romans 1440; Archduke 1453; reunion of the Habsburg lands 1490)

Hapsburg Emperors

1804-1835 Francis I (HRE as Francis II; emperor of Austria 1804)
1835-1848 Ferdinand I (son; abdicated, died 1875)
1848-1916 Francis Joseph I (nephew)
1916-1918 Charles I (gnephew; deposed, died 1922; proclamation of the republic)
Duke of Teck and his family on the 1891 English census
Duke of Teck and his family on the 1891 English census, from Ancestry.com.
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