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Researching Rulers of Denmark


Below is a list of all the rulers of Denmark. Please feel free to let me know of any information I am missing or is incorrect. You can contact me at kcrossno at seekingallancestors.com.

Kingdom of Denmark

First House of Denmark

Reigned Name / Notes
940-986 Harald I, Bluetooth (son of Gorm the Old, king in north Jutland)
986-1014 Svend I, Forkbeard (son; king of England 1013)
1014-1018 Harald II (son)
1019-1035 Knud I, the Great (brother; England 1016)
1035-1042 Hardeknud (son; England 1040)
1042-1046 Magnus the Good (king of Norway 1035)

House of Svend Estridsen

1046-1074 Svend II Estridsen (son of Astrid, daughter of Svend I, and earl Ulf
1074-1080 Harald III, Hén (son)
1080-1086 St. Knud II (brother)
1086-1095 Oluf I, Hunger (brother)
1095-1103 Erik I, the Evergood (brother)
1104-1134 Niels (brother)
1134-1137 Erik II, the Memorable (son of Erik I)
1137-1146 Erik III, the Lamb (maternal grandson of Erik I)
1146-1157 Knud III (grandson of Niels)
1157-1182 Valdemar I, the Great (grandson of Erik I)
1182-1202 Knud IV (son; co-regent 1165)
1202-1241 Valdemar II, the Victorious (brother)
1241-1250 Erik IV, Ploughpenny (brother; co-regent 1232)
1250-1252 Abel (brother)
1252-1259 Christopher I (brother)
1259-1286 Erik V, Klipping (son)
1286-1319 Erik VI, Menved (son)
1320-1326 Christopher II (brother; deposed)
1326-1330 Valdemar III (fourth in descent from Abel; deposed, died 1364)
1330-1332 Christopher II (restored)
1330-1332 Erik (co-regent; restored; interregnum 1332-40)
1340-1375 Valdemar IV, Atterdag (brother)

House of Norway

1376-1387 Oluf II (son of Margaret, daughter of Valdemar IV, and Haakon VI of Norway)
1387-1396 Margaret (mother; abdicated, died 1412)

House of Pomerania

1396-1439 Erik VII (maternal grandson of Ingeborg, sister of Margaret; deposed, died 1459)

House of the Palatine

1440-1448 Christopher II of Bavaria (son of Catherine, sister of Erik VII, and John, Count of Neumarkt)

House of Oldenburg

1448-1481 Christian I (count of Oldenburg; sixth in descent, through females, from Erik V; interregnum 1481-3)
1483-1513 John (Hans) (son)
1513-1523 Christian II (son; deposed, died 1559)
1523-1533 Frederick I (son of Christian I)
1534-1559 Christian III (son)
1559-1588 Frederick II (son)
1588-1648 Christian IV (son)
1648-1670 Frederick III (son)
1670-1699 Christian V (son)
1699-1730 Frederick IV (son)
1730-1746 Christian VI (son)
1746-1766 Frederick V (son)
1766-1808 Christian VII (son)
1808-1839 Frederick VI (son; regent 1784-1808)
1839-1848 Christian VIII (grandson of Frederick V)
1848-1863 Frederick VII (son)

Line of Glücksburg

1863-1906 Christian IX (Duke of Glücksburg; ninth in descent from Christian III)
1906-1912 Frederick VIII (son)
1912-1947 Christian X (son)
1947-1972 Frederick IX (son)
1972- Margaret II (daughter)
Heir Crown Prince Frederick (son)
  Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John (son)
Queen Victoria and her family on the 1871 English census
Queen Victoria and her family on the 1871 English census, from Ancestry.com.
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