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Below is a list of all the rulers of England. Please feel free to let me know of any information I am missing or is incorrect. You can contact me at kcrossno at seekingallancestors.com.

Houses of: Wessex | Denmark | Wessex 2 | Normandy | Blois | Plantagenet | Lancaster | York | Tudor | Suffolk | Tudor 2 | Stuart | Orange | Stuart 2 | Hanover | Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor

Kingdom of England

House of Wessex

Reigned Name / Notes
802-839 Egbert (king of Wessex 802; annexed Kent 825; overlord of all the English kingdoms 829-830)
839-858 Aethelwulf (son; Kent only 856-858)
856-860 Aethelbald (son; Wessex)
858-865 Aethelbert (brother; Kent 858-860)
865-871 Aethelred I (brother)
871-899 Alfred the Great (brother)
899-924 Edward the Elder (son)
924 Aelfweard (son)
924-939 Aethelstan (brother)
939-946 Edmund I (brother)
946-955 Eadred (brother)
955-959 Eadwig (son of Edmund I; Wessex only 957-959)
957-975 Edgar the Peaceful (brother; Mercia and Northumbria 957-959)
975-978 St. Edward the Martyr (son)
978-1016 Aetheldred II, the Unready (brother; deposed by Swein Forkbeard 1013-1014)
1016 Edmund II, Ironside (son)

House of Denmark

1016-1035 Cnut the Great (son of Swein Forkbeard)
1037-1040 Harold I, Harefoot (son; regent 1035-1037)
1040-1042 Harthacnut (brother)

House of Wessex

1042-1066 St. Edward the Confessor (son of Aethelred II)
1066 Harold II (son of Godwin, earl of Wessex)

House of Normandy

1066-1087 William I, the Conqueror
1087-1100 William II, Rufus (son)
1100-1135 Henry I (brother)

House of Blois

1135-1154 Stephan (son of Adela, daughter of William I, and Stephen, Count of Blois)

House of Plantagenet

1154-1189 Henry II (son of Matilda, dau of Henry I, and Geoffrey IV, Count of Anjou)
1170-1183 Henry (son; co-regent)
1189-1199 Richard I, Coer-de-Lion (brother)
1199-1216 John (brother)
1216-1272 Henry III (son)
1272-1307 Edward I (son)
1307-1327 Edward II (son; deposed, died 1327)
1327-1377 Edward III (son)
1377-1399 Richard II (grandson; deposed, died 1400)

House of Lancaster

1399-1413 Henry IV (Duke of Lancaster; grandson of Edward III)
1413-1422 Henry V (son)
1422-1461 1470-1471 Henry VI (son; deposed; restored; deposed, died 1471)

House of York

1461-1470 1471-1483 Edward IV (Duke of York; 4th in descent from Edward III; deposed; restored)
1483 Edward V (son; deposed, died 1483)
1483-1485 Richard III (brother of Edward IV)

House of Tudor

1485-1509 Henry VII (son of Margaret, 4th in descent from Edward III, and Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond)
1509-1547 Henry VII (son)
1547-1553 Edward VI (son)

House of Suffolk

1553 Jane (dau of Frances, maternal gdau of Henry VII, and Henry, Duke of Suffolk; deposed, died 1554)

House of Tudor

1553-1558 Mary I (dau of Henry VIII; married Philip II of Spain, king consort 1554-1558
1558-1601 Elizabeth I (sister)

House of Stuart

1603-1625 James I (maternal gson of James V of Scotland, maternal gson of Henry VII)
1625-1649 Charles I (son)

Commonwealth between 1649-1660

House of Stuart

1660-1685 Charles II (son of Charles I)
1685-1688 James II (brother; Scotland 1685-1689; deposed, died 1701)

House of Orange

1689-1702 William III (son of Mary, dau of Charles I, & William II, Prince of Orange)
1689-1695 Mary II (dau of James II; married William III)

House of Stuart

1702-1714 Anne (sister)

House of Hanover

1714-1727 George I (son of Sophia, maternal gdau of James I, and Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover)
1727-1760 George II (son)
1760-1820 George III (grandson)
1820-1830 George IV (son; regent 1811-1820)
1830-1837 William IV (brother)
1837-1901 Victoria (niece)

House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (after 1917 known as Windsor)

1901-1910 Edward VII (son of Victoria & Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, prince consort 1857-1861)
1910-1936 George V (son)
1936 Edward VIII (son; abdicated, died 1972)
1936-1952 George VI (brother)
1952- Elizabeth II (daughter)
Heir Charles, Prince of Wales (son)
  Prince William (son)
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales as seen in the 1766 book A Complete English Peerage by Alexander Jacob
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales as seen in the 1766 book A Complete English Peerage by Alexander Jacob.
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