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Researching Rulers of Spain


Below is a list of all the rulers of Spain. Please feel free to let me know of any information I am missing or is incorrect. You can contact me at kcrossno at seekingallancestors.com.

Houses of: Habsburg | Bourbon | Bonaparte | Bourbon | Savoy | Bourbon

Kingdom of Spain

Habsburg Dynasty

1516-1556 Charles I (son of Joan & Philip I of Castile; emperor 1519-58; abdicated, died 1558)
1556-1598 Philip II (son)
1598-1621 Philip III (son)
1621-1665 Philip IV (son)
1665-1700 Charles II (son)

House of Bourbon

1700-1724 Philip V (grandson of Maria Theresa, daughter of Philip IV, and Louis XIV of France; abdicated)
1724 Louis I (son)
1724-1746 Philip V
1746-1759 Ferdinand VI (son)
1759-1788 Charles III (brother)
1788-1808 Charles IV (son; abdicated, died 1819)
1808 Ferdinand VII (son; deposed)

House of Bonaparte

1808-1813 Joseph Napolean (brother of Napolean I, emperor of the French; deposed, died 1844)

House of Bourbon

1813-1833 Ferdinand VII (restored)
1833-1868 Isabella II (daughter; deposed, died 1904)

House of Savoy

1870-1873 Amadeus I (son of Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy; abdicated, died 1890)

1873-1874 First Republic

Bourbon Dynasty

1874-1885 Alfonso XII (son of Isabella II and Francis of Asis, grandson of Charles IV, king consort 1846-68 (died 1902))
1886-1931 Alfonso XIII (son; deposed, died 1941)

1931-1975 Second Republic & Dictatorship

Bourbon Dynasty

1975- Juan Carlos I (grandson of Alfonso XIII)
Heir Crown Prince Felipe
  Princess Leonor
HRH Duke of Sussex on the 1841 English Census
HRH Duke of Sussex on the 1841 English Census, from Ancestry.com.
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